Personal Trainer

Contact: (559) 254-3686

My name is Vondre Joseph. Before I became a fitness trainer, I myself was overweight a total 375lbs, had high blood pressure and cholesterol, and was boarder line diabetic. Now in my own personal experience of working out properly using the right form, technique and keeping a healthy nutrition plan I was able to lose 150lbs and put on a significant amount of muscle. During this process I fell in love with fitness and decided to go through the proper school to become a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer with International Sports Sciences Association. Now I can fulfill my passion to help others achieve their life changing fitness and health goals as someone who they can relate to and see for themselves if they put in the work, time, energy and effort they can achieve all their goals too. I provide all the necessary tools for a lifestyle change by creating clients a workout routine specific to each and every clients individual goals and needs, teaching proper form and technique, coaching and motivating them in and outside the gym if desired, accountability to keep them on track with their new lifestyle change, and in addition having the ability to create a nutrition plan to assistant them in their specific goals.


ISSA Personal Training Certified
CPR-First Aid Certified