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Welcome to personal training with Lynnette Carrillo! I am an AFAA Personal Trainer that strives to bring individual excellence from the inside out. Being an athlete majority of my life, I began my career in 2008 with a public boot camp that brought a fun, motivating style of training and now offer one on one customized personal training to help my clients reach their own personal fitness goals. I am a strong believer that achieving fitness and overall health and wellness is balanced on three levels: the emotional (The Mindset), the spiritual (The Motivation), and last but not least, the physical (The Movement). Our bodies are made to move and be pushed to reach those goals whether that may be weight loss, toning, sports training, rehabilitation, etc. My training is based on muscle confusion to shock muscles you never knew you had.

I strive to help my clientele understand that with respect for your body, and with the ability to truly want a lifestyle change, we can stop the cycle of “starting over.” Honor your body and it will give back to you tenfold.

Come in and see me and you’re guaranteed to begin to love exercising and stay motivated with a variety of physical training techniques customized just for you. It’s not “can” you do it once you start…. you “will” do it! And I’d be honored to be a part of your journey!

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  • AFAA Certified
  • Turbo Kick
  • CPR/AED Certified